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Birth Tub Rental

The AquaDoula is the original heated, portable spa developed specifically for labor and waterbirth.


As seen on the Learning Channel's "A Baby Story", the AquaDoula, for years, has helped mothers and babies worldwide experience a gentler birth.

Easily set up in minutes with minimal assembly, the AquaDoula is soft, yet sturdy, and comfortably accommodates mother and partner.

The AquaDoula's lightweight, modular design makes for convenient transporting and storage.

Aqua Doula Features

  • Elegant design - unprecedented in the waterbirth community.

  • Soft padded floor and side walls - offer superb comfort and strength for both mother and support.

  • Deluxe AquaDoula Heating System featuring unique solid-state thermostat - maintains a constant water temperature with no heat loss, especially during longer labors.

  • Fully grounded heater and temperature controls - provide critical electrical protection and safety for mother and baby.

  • GFCI Plug/cord - maximizes electrical safety and user protection.

  • AquaDoula Cover - helps ensure cleanliness and heat efficiency between uses.

  • Spacious size: 4'6" diameter & 2' deep - comfortably accommodates 2 adults with easy access.

  • Light aqua color - the AquaDoula's signature light aqua color enhances visibility.

  • Premium vinyl AquaLiner - promotes easy cleaning and longer life.

  • Compact storage size: 20" wide & 25" high - facilitates convenient transport and storage.

  • Carrying Strap - offers a handy carrying hold on the AquaDoula.

  • Detailed Instruction Booklet - provides easy, one person set-up in minutes. (No tools required.)

Accessories included:

  • Handy Faucet-hose Adapter for easy filling from a warm water tap.
  • Submersible Pump for easy draining in about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Floating thermometer for worry-free water temperature monitoring.