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You Have a Gift

posted Dec 8, 2010, 5:11 PM by Lisa Baracker   [ updated Feb 24, 2015, 8:58 AM ]
Where to start?! Thank you so much for all your help during our long labor.  We still can't believe you spent your birthday with us in a hotel room helping us through contraction after contraction! You are amazing! Your calm but firm presence helped me cope with the pain and the feeling that the contractions would never end. I really appreciated your intuitiveness when we talked about the fears I was having about the vulnerability of labor. I really feel that you have a gift for tuning into people on a deep level and it was something that definately helped me at a time when I was having a really hard time being comunicative. Your support as our labor plans changed and the constant encouragement that I was doing my best for our baby meant the world to me... especially while I was pushing and trying so hard to make a vaginal birth happen for baby Lucas.  We feel like we can't say enough to thank you, but hopefully we come close by saying that you will always be a special part of the most happy day of our lives and that we are very grateful.

Lots of Love, 
Peggy, Joe & Lucas