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posted Aug 30, 2010, 2:24 PM by Lisa Baracker   [ updated Feb 24, 2015, 8:59 AM ]
Lisa was an incredible support for both my husband and I. We had planned a number of techniques to use during my labor and prior to the day I felt really prepared and ready. Then labor happened, and I found that almost all the techniques I thought would help me didn't. My husband was running back and forth supporting me and with Lisa being there he felt HE had support also which in turn helped me. Lisa gave suggestions and assistance that were invaluable, and enabled me to labor fully at home. When I arrived at the hospital I was already 10cm dilated. It was very important to me to be at home for as long as possible and I know that if Lisa had not been with us, I would have ended up transferring sooner.

I highly recommend Lisa as a doula. Her caring nature and calm demeanor really made the difference for my husband and I. 

Thank you Lisa!

Dad's update... We are doing great and BIG thanks to you being a star! All is well here and baby and Sarah and I are adjusting to being a family. Gratitude and love to you.

Jared, Sarah and Kai